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Scholarship Information

Is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education at a private elementary or secondary school, or a private or public post-secondary college, university, or other academic institution. Scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, such as academic merit, diversity and inclusion, athletic skill, financial need, among others. Or some combination of these criteria. Scholarship criteria usually reflect the values and goals of the donor or founder of the award. While scholarship recipients are not required to repay scholarships, the awards may require that the recipient continue to meet certain requirements during their period of support, such maintaining a minimum grade point average or engaging in a certain activity . Scholarships may provide a monetary award, an in-kind award (e.g., waiving of tuition fees or fees for housing in a dormitory), or a combination.

First prize

Full Scholarship or covers most tuition

Second prize

Partial Scholarship that covers about 50% tuition or other items

Third prize

Partial Scholarship that covers about 30% tuition or other items

Fourth prize

Covers minor part of tuition fee or other items

Fifth prize

Help you save little money according to your overall performance